Curriculum for the peer counseling training


Build at 30.06.2001


1st week Introduction


Introduction to the training.
History and philosophy of the self-self-determined-living movement.
Personal history in the movement.
Peer Counseling – the specialities.
Different theories about counseling – an overview.
Outlines on social law and application.


2nd week Self-experience


Reflections of oneself’s own psychical history as basis for an unbiased attitude towards counseling.
Encouragement of an intensive contact among the group members.
Encouragement of a stable group.


3rd week Peer Counseling in practice


Identity and role understanding of Peer Counselors.
Women and men in Peer Counseling.
Limitations in counseling.


4th week Experiencing limits – grief


Cultural history of grief.
Theories on grief.
Grief and guilty in the biography of disabled persons and parents.
Personal reactions to grief, sorrow and dying


5th week Experiencing limits – body


Physical experiences and awareness.


6th week Peer Counselors – spheres of work

Peer in different contexts.
From CIL to social welfare office.
Final evaluation.

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